Platforms, guns and hackers


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Cypher is a two dimensional platform game in which players must compete against each other on different screens to try to hack their rival´s terminal.

The players will be divided into different teams and must try to work with their teammates to hack the opposition terminals. To do this, you have a number of features which are crucial to the game´s mechanics.

To start with, each player has a gun to shoot and wound the other players. Also you get a 'jet pack' to reach the higher parts of the screen. Although the sets arn´t too large, they do contain lots of secrets and hard to reach places.

As the game progresses, players can access the in-game store to buy new weapons and other objects to help them in their missions.

Cypher is a fun action and platform game, which unfortunately is only available online. The main problem with this is the low number of players that are often accessing the game servers.
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